Triple Troublemakers

by Zone Runners




Before setting out on another road-trip, The Terrific Trio invite you to embark on a behind-the-scenes look at "a day in the life of a Zone Runner." Relax with the Doctor over in the Lab to see where the inspiration comes from; catch a peek of Val routinely adjusting the hydraulics on his low-rider (no Flickies within 5 metres, please!); or join the Robo for some more Badnik anarchy as he brings a holographic friend along for a quick look at how the ZR's roll! Before our unlikely heroes can continue their journey, they set out on a mission to bury some old enemies deep within the pits of the dreaded Scrap Brain Zone, and for the first time we uncover a few of the reasons as to why they began Running in the first place.

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released February 18, 2015

Arranged and produced by halc + Sir J.
Lyrics and vocals by DiGi Valentine, halc & Sir J.

Character illustrations by KetrinDarkDragon.



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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Track Name: Still Chillin' 'til Infinity
-Intro: DiGi-
Yo, this is Valentine the Rabbit from the mighty Zone Runners crew.
I'm chillin' with the hedgehog halc and the crazy robo Sir J.
We hailing from planet Mobius and you all know it can get hectic when
running those Zones.
So right now we're just gonna break it down for you on how we're

-Verse 1: halc-
It's a lazy day for a doc
I'ma just kick it in the lab with my feet up
Crack the top off a Green Hill bock
Knock back a six pack by noon o'clock
Called up the Bunny Man in the Star Light
Said "What up Val, wanna kick it for a little while?"
I ain't running no Zones today
Just chillin', chillin' out in my own way
I heard Rule 34 leaked a pic
Of the bat-girl Rouge, and dawg, I'm like "click"
No smashing TV's, I'm watching that shit
A bit of One Piece and a binge on Netflix
You could say my day's been a waste
But hell, I still dropped sixteen and a bass
In the ZR fam, this is how we be
2015 and we still chillin' till infinity

-Verse 2: DiGi-
It's a real nice day, gonna check my Option.
I'ma roll around town with the bassline poppin'
Pass Radical City 'cause I ain't stopping
Resort Island, now I’m island hopping.
Forget Blue Spheres, I'ma grab some beers
head to the lab, break 'em open and then cheers!
Gonna lounge with my ZR brethren
before we back on bullshit and out running Zones again.
Feel it in my soul,
Sometimes I wanna use Chaos Control
so I can stop time and go for a stroll
Move slow, hit the slope and then just roll.
And all the Rings that I’ve collected
Are sitting real nicely in my bank protected.
The character I selected I am content with,
that's why you see me bouncin' when the vibe is splendid.

-Verse 3: Sir J-
So I had a Heavy day, man it wasn’t the Bomb
I tried to make it okay, but everything is going wrong
My Silver-tongued boss ticking me off
All up in my face, in my Base, when I’m just tryna get a Launch
Go away and just flip it
Like my uncle Egg-Robo, I haven’t seen him in a minute
He must be occupied by Metropolis business
Grinding all night to fulfil impossible wishes
But as for me I love being at ease
So mecha, please, no interrupting
When I’m Skyping with Bunnie Rabbot and a WD-40 slushy
In my hand, I’ve got the touch so sweet
Star-gazing at the night circuitry
Napping while my guitar gently weeps
But No, woman, no cry
My crazy side won’t die, just getting shut eye
Til’ it’s time to Run another dope beat just like this

-Outro: DiGi-
Yes, man!
Yo, we better quit lounging around and get back to work now, my breddaz.
Wanna send a big shout out to all the ones you ain't seen for a while.
Everybody wondering where they are but just know they're still out there,
doing their thing.
Holla at 'em when you see 'em.

Mighty the Armadillo still be running Zones
Ray the Flying Squirrel still be running Zones,
Nack the Weasel, yeah, he still be running Zones
Honey the Cat, yeah, she still be running Zones.
Sally Acorn still be running Zones.
Tekno the Canary still be running Zones
Bean the Dynamite still be running Zones
Bark the Polar Bear still be running Zones

And that's how we doing it.
2015 'til infinity, uh.
ZR, baby.
Track Name: Calling Doctor H
halc: I'm in the house, yo
DiGi: Who's in the house, yo?
halc: I'm in the house, yo
Sir J: You in the house, yo?
halc: I'm in the house, yo
DiGi: The doc's in the house
All: halc's in the house, yo!

DiGi: The doc's in the house
All: halc's in the house, yo!

Doctor halc is in the house
Everybody in the Zone get down

-Verse 1-
Yo, yo, yo, yoooo!
They call me the doc, bruv
My bio-engineered grooves got your blood clotted up like a drug
Fucked up! You're in my domain
I'm chillin' in the Marble G, I got my jane lit
Took a big hit, got real blitzed, and an epiphany
I think I'm gonna upgrade Val's whip
Blast process the gas so fast the damn thing
Would leave even Sonic's ass spun out in the fast lane
Spindash power up the turbo
So good, this calls for a glass of Merlot
Bunny Man's looking with a twinkle in his eye, like
"Yo doc, let me just step into this ride!"
And just like that, he's off on a test drive
And by time he arrives I've dropped acid twice
Popped some whack shite on the Robo's hard drive
And now he's unloading trojans on the little girls on Lifetime
Dance Moms? Shit, Dance Badniks
We're the ZR, our figures already top the list
Finale had bitches panties in a twist
"Like hey guys, where's season two? I wanna binge-watch that shit!"
Pfff, two? We've already been renewed
2014 'til infinity, get clued
We're here to stay but while you wait
Let me lead the way to the lab in the MGZ (uh!)

Tools of the trade, shaker champagne
Boom-bap Bombay be flowin' for days
Sniff a line of bass, synths get shit-faced
Pharmaceutically, this groove be gettin' you blazed
Check on in, sign the dotted line
The doctor will be with you in a matter of time
Medical approach, incredible studio
So sick, it's viral like the common cold (uh!)

-Verse 2-
Force field, my shield's electric
Collect the rings and leave the place wrecked, shit
Smash up the TV's
They're all gonna respawn when we jump through the big ring
Emerald bling, Blue Spheres got
Jump on the switch, landscape drops
Clear a new path at the bottom of the first Act
But be sure not to lock eyes with the arrow trap
Don't be a fuckin' kitsune pussy, man
I know this Zone like the back of my hand
And if you follow my lead you're gonna thank me
'Cos when we get to the lab, shit's about to get swanky
They don't call me the doc for no reason
I got my degree in sick beats and good weed
We've arrived, so come in and go live
'Cos the doctor halc is in the house tonight, yo!


The doctor's in (so everybody get down)
Val's bouncin' around (so everybody get down)
Sir J's makin' sound (so everybody get down)
Zone Runners in the house, everybody get down
The doctor's in town (so everybody get down)
And we chiefin' that loud (so everybody get down)
So come on, join the crowd (so everybody get down)
Zone Runners in the house, everybody get down

Yeah! Woo!
We up out of here, peace!

Hello, you've reached the office of doctor halc. The doctor is currently away, but please leave a message and he will return your call as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
Track Name: Keep 'em Bouncin'
Sir J's in the Zone.
J-Me's in the Zone.
halc's in the Zone.
Valentine's in the Zone.
(And it's on, and it's on, and it's on)
I'm about to make it 1995 again for you mother fuckers.
(And it's on, and it's on, and it's on)
All over the town, hey!

(Bwah bwah bwah bwah BOOYAH-ke-shaaaw!!)
(Bwah bwah bwah bwah BOOYAH-ke-shaaaw!!)
(Bwah bwah bwah bwah BOOYAH-ke-shaaaw!!)
(Bwah bwah bwah bwah BOOYAH-ke-shaaaw!!)

Hahaa! You already know who it is.
Don't act like you don't know.
Uh, I keep 'em bouncin'!

Keep 'em bouncin' (say what?)
Keep 'em bouncin' (say what?)
Keep 'em bouncin' (say what?)
Keep 'em bouncin' (say what?)
Bunny man's gonna give 'em reason to be bouncin'.

Bouncing with the Bunny man (hip, hip, hop)
Bouncing with the Bunny man (hip, hip, hop)
You'll catch him cruising all over the town.
Blaring his speakers up so frickin' loud. Hey!

-Verse 1-
Wanna ride shotgun? I'ma make it interesting.
Have you swearing as I drift around this mother fucking hairpin.
Run over Badniks if they're glaring
Before I bounce out their fucking Zone like I hit a red spring.
There's no telling what I will or won't do.
You in my Zone, boi? Well you better just roll through.
I'm running Zones all day, all night.
See my whip pulling out from Westside Star Light! (Biyatch!!)
Back in the day they left me for dead
So I got an extra life from breaking TV's on their head.
The winner will be the one who dared
And fools are daring me to give 'em a reason to be scared.
I got a Robot and a Doctor eager to drop beat
So when we run up on your block you know we're gonna pop heat! (brap!)
Stop me? Not a chance! I'm announcing
Bunny man's gonna give 'em reason to be bouncing


-Verse 2-
Copycats get shook and hide
When they see me pull up in my green and white ride.
Hydraulics on it, bouncing wheels with chrome
All my enemies laying low in the Special Zone
I can see you! You stick out like sore thumbs.
I'll take all your Rings and leave you as poor bums.
Broke bredda's jealous 'cause my game is tight.
Neon-lights in this bitch, big up Casino Night!
Bad Badniks wanna catch me slippin'?
My whip moves quick so you gotta be kidding.
Blast bass that will have your head splitting
As I drop the wheels on your face, that's how you get a whipping!
Got the bounce to keep shit funky
Got Casino bunny girls all sayin' they love me
Got a flow to keep the mami's moving arousing
Bunny man's gonna give 'em reason to be bouncing


-Verse 3-
I'm up in your Zone and I’m running you out
I run Zones, ya just running your mouth.
I run laps around Acts from the island in the South
To the West then back around.
Trouble maker! But you act like you don't know me
I'm the God of mischief, you could even call me Loki.
Spit 16-bits that rip slowly
Scrap your brain so hard I could fill ravioli.
Go international like Willy Fog
I'm hot enough without needing to eat a chilli-dog
And I unleash more drama than the fucking Werehog
Sonic BOOM in your face, here's where you get off!
Last stop, you're in Station Square.
You ain't going any further, we're leaving you there
But if you're on my side then we ride with the bass pounding.
Bunny man's gonna give 'em reason to be bouncing!


You don't need 2-Players to go to Casino Night Zone.
You just need me.
Ha ha ha ha ha haa!
Yo, tell 'em what I'ma do now!

Keep 'em bouncin'
Keep 'em bouncin'
Keep 'em bouncin'
Keep 'em bouncin'
Bunny man's gonna give 'em reason to be bouncin'.

Hell yeah!
And we bouncing outta this mother fucker!

Track Name: Crazy Mofo: Act 2
DiGi: Yo doc!
halc: Yeah?
DiGi: Yo, pass me one of those Aquatic Ruin Beers from the fridge, man!
halc: Here ya go!
DiGi: Cheers, bredda!
DiGi: Yo, I've been thinking.
halc: What's up?
DiGi: We should totally hit up that club we went to.
halc: Oh yeah? Which one?
DiGi: You know the one we took the Robo to?
halc: Oh yeah, yeah. I remember.
DiGi: Yeah, that one, man. We should go back without the Robo this time! Haha!
halc: Haha haha!
DiGi: Yo, speaking of which, where is he?
halc: That's a good question, actually.
DiGi: Yo, he's left a mess over here, man. Holy shit!
halc: Oh WOAH!
DiGi: What's this puddle on the floor? Is that motor oil?
halc: No no, it... it smells like Rum.
DiGi: It's RUM?!
Both: Oh SHIT!!
halc: Oh damn it! This is not good!
DiGi: He's going to go fuck some shit up now. Why did you leave the Rum lying out, man?
halc: Man, don't blame me. I forgot to put it away.
DiGi: You know what he's like.
halc: Yeah, I know what he’s like. Shit!
DiGi: I bet he's gone back to that club without us!
halc: God, he probably has.
DiGi: I bet you he's back in that fucking club.
halc: He's probably smashing that place up and they're gonna be billing it back to us.
DiGi: Shit shit shit! No, serious. This is serious.
halc: I know. Aight, aight. I'ma call some homies in the other Zones. See if we can locate him.
DiGi: You head that way, I head this way. We gotta find this fucking Robo before he tears up the whole Zone, man.
halc: Aight, man. Let's do it.
Both: Oh Sir J, you crazy mother fucking robot you, you god damn mother fucker!!

-Verse 1-
Hello again, enemies and old friends
The Green and Orange understand that my brain is made of circuitry
So it’s hard to go slow with all this RAM
Executing Commands before you even can exclaim “damn!
Is that a one-man band?” Naw, individually floating like Space Jam
But collectively ZRN bringin the grand slam
Whether I’m dunking in the PC coolant or politically correctin’ errors and mistakes of humans
There’s no doom or gloom when I’m in the room
Buy nary a digit or dick pics to make the chick’s swoon
Never learned to swim, so I’m drowning in pussy
But don’t expect SmallTalk to make me spare a Ruby
Can’t code for shit yet I’m still Macroing groupies, laying my Pipelines in their mouths to teach em’ bout humility, Shawty screaming “UNITY! Why you no longer doin’ me like that?”

Well the fact is your GUI is askin’ for an accidentally pre-meditated ass-whoopin bitch-slappin
But once you grasp this you will not react in a time to devise an ass-kiss
That’ll ever work again to inspire me to backflip back into your Log cabin
Your ratchet-ass lies are static, and what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas Algorithms
Get the fuck off of my mattress
Get mad or sad ‘cause you think I’m spaztic
I’m out of fucks to give so I’m movin passed this
Don’t expect a monthly check to rekindle our whackass past like match sticks
Cause to me you’re just a one-night stand,
Not even worth a morning after cup of the Javascript
I’ve got more people ready for my lap, shit
Don’t you see the line, kid? Ayy, that’s a wrap, bitch

Everybody in the place tonight (get down) when you see this Robo
We didn’t bring him here to fight, now everybody copy this Crazy Mofo
Everybody in the place tonight (get down) when you see this Robo
We didn’t bring him here to fight, now everybody copy this Crazy Mofo

-Verse 2-
My modus operandi is beast, unleash this genie like yeast
Infectin every FireWall that tries to condom me
Who you think be runnin the streets of the dirty south, drive-by collard green beats
But don’t be tryin to copy, you’re better off ridin kamikaze
Tryin to calm me by cauterizing my constant dreams
But regardless of economy I’m Compiling Bitcoins 24/7 all week
Black market Grey-Hat wizardry, White Space Hyper-Threaded yawning
and I advise you to stop mocking me with these closed doors
Or object-oriented backlogging
Why should you be cautious of me? (Well) simply speaking…
(I’m sorry) (erghsuilrHooHooHooHooHooo) (Here’s Jonnnny)

Because I’m Finna shove my Trojan down your throat and double team this ho like Amy Rose
Then I strike a pose and blow my Downloads all over your Mobo like yolo
And if your Registry is offended by my libido
Just tell her “let it go,” ain’t no use tryin to Adblock this robo
All my tentacle cocks shock rock you til’ every fishy Code Smell is exposed
Slash all you average joe sapien homos in half
Then stash yo asses in separate packs of boxed ice
Archive the entire batch so deep that when Extracted
The cops scratch their heads sayin “we can’t find the path specified”
Chill in the lab askin The Doc for spare bodybags
Borrow cash from Val, call a one-way cab
Then I take out the trash, scan the junkyard for scraps
Activate my jetpack, blast away through the atmosphere

I’m in the Cloud peerin through my HUD, lock on all targets
Format like HDD’s, Chang(e) Cho into Margaret
I’m a WMD who’s been disregarded
But when I’m done wiping my ass with these BSOD’s and redrawing the maps (uncharted)
Screen-cap the Benchmarks, try to reinstall it (HA!)
But guess who’s gonna be laughin the hardest
(Ha Ha!) Yeah, that’s why I’m singing…

Everybody on the interwebz they know me as the lovely Crazy Robo
The Doctor and The Bunny better hold me down lest I unleash my inner raging Mofo


(Go J, it’s time to go Loco! Go ROBO!)
(Go, go, go! Go, go, go!)
(Go J, it’s time to go Loco! Go ROBO!)
I’m finna do these bitches like Dance Moms
And I ain’t talkin about the milfs, I’m talkin bout the little kids, HA HA!
Go J, it’s time to go Loco! Go ROBO!)
(Go, go, go! Go, go, go!)
(Go J, it’s time to go Loco! Go ROBO!)
Dick so big transformin into Megatron
Open wide, tongue out, say AAAHHHHHH

Track Name: Remember Our Name
-Intro: DiGi-
It's been a while since we've been in this Zone.
But now we're back!
And by this point ….if you haven't remembered our name?
Heheh HahaHoooo shit!!
You're in trouble now!
You've been in trouble since Zone 1, but I think you've been too stupid to realise.
And now you've got no Rings and you've got no more lives left.
Heh heh ha!
Yo, doctor! Get 'em!

-Verse 1: halc-
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Get slipped up like an oil slick
First act on the slide, yeah you better move it quick
Caught ya swimming in a sea once blue
Now got ya straight choked out stoned on the heavy oil fumes
Like quicksand, you can't escape from the groove
When the doc halc's spittin' off a slick tune
And the Robo Sir J droppin' pets and guitars
By time we're done here you're gonna know who we are
Guns unleaded on a blur quite blue
Unloading slam dunks, five flickies in a hoop
Can't stop a flow so slick and viscous
It seeps right through the cracks with the thickness
Act two comin' up real soon
Bunny Man take the wheel, homies wanna hear ya too
My lyricals gonna hit you like "wow"
I'm about to break it down y'all, let's get chippy now (ha!)

Get slipped on an oil spot
We are the ones who knock
Blast you with an Octus shot
Everybody in the Zone get ready to get rocked
Trade chaos for the fame
Grab your guns and everybody take aim
You wanna stop us? You're all the same
Zone Runners, you better remember that name

(Zone Runners baby, aooow!)
(Y'all better learn our name)

-Verse 2: DiGi-
WOOPS! You just slipped up!
Walked in to a brawl and just tripped up.
Battle us? We flow in with a big flood,
cut you up, leave the ocean covered in thick blood.
Trust me. This ain't the game for you.
No save state, there's no saving you.
Break in to a flow that's too slippery to touch.
You're better off just heading off and not saying much.
Shoot like an Octus! BRAP! Recoil!
I dig this beat so hard it's like I struck oil.
Wrap you back up in a bunch of tin foil
Light the flame underneath and bring you to the boil!
Who's that? Split the Zone in to 2 Acts.
Halc takes the first and I'm back with a new rap.
So for all the cool cats who back the ZR.
Zone Runners, they already know who we are!

-Chorus 2-
Get slipped up like an oil slick
Two acts on the slide, yeah you better move it quick
Caught ya swimming in a sea once blue
Now straight got choked out stoned on the heavy oil fumes
Like quicksand, you can't escape from the groove
Zone Runners on the mic spittin' off another tune
Doc halc, Valentine and Sir J
The ZR, y'all are gonna know our name

(Chorus 1)

Because it goes a little somethin' like this (like this)
Because it goes a little somethin' like this
Because it goes a little somethin' like this (like this)
Track Name: Brain Scrapped
And oh, I’ve been a long ways from home
And I know I’ve lost my soul
But to save the Zone I must go…

And that’s the truth, some obstacles are sure to wreck us
You need some proof? Look around at the fallen fellas
You better choose, move along or get comfy in the cellar
Everyday straight pourin one out for my mechas
And that’s the truth, some obstacles are sure to wreck us
You need some proof? Look around at the fallen fellas
You better choose, move along or get comfy in the cellar
Everyday straight pourin one out for my mechas

-Verse 1: Sir J-
Crazy Robo in the zone, tryna remain in control
Val and Dr. hal, steering wheel, please don't let go
'Cause I'm still not at rest, so where's my straight jacket vest
Iron-Man, time-tickin bomb within my chest
Disassembled past but it keeps comin back
Like a crappy loose wire unable to reattach
My homies in the trash, Rest in Peace within the heap
and I'll pour one out for them but never drink one for these streets
'cause this is where mechas grind, malfunction or get deleted
This is where gears cry 'cause they can't get nothin to eat
This is where hard-drives crash, needles skip a beat
Speed is time-tested as the bench marks your feet
I'm sorry but my monopoly is Uno, Jumanji
I’ve got no continues, so I can't miss The Game calling on me
was stuck in the loop with The Conveyor Belt crew
But now I'm Runnin Zones so infinite dreams can come true
I got no city on my back, just somethin I gotta do
Shout out to the ones who never could make it to Act 2
Yea, though I walk through the shadow of Doom
I'll keep my eyes on the prize: day light is comin real soon
My access memory ain't random, I gotta plan
To bring my mecha brethren into the Promised Land
Something’s gotta die, something's gotta give
I'd rather go organically than be an immortal Metal Sonic who never knows when to quit
and that's The Truth

-Verse 2: DiGi-
I see this Zone and I'm reminded
of people I once confided, for a time we stood united.
They ran ahead, delighted! Prospects of them finding
Emeralds that were shining, so they left me for dead. Dying.
A decoy that they threw in to the Spike Traps just like that.
The Doctor helped me up and that's how I bounced right back.
It's time that I reclaim my pride and reach for the blade handle
Now I'm back up in the Zone's to see how many brains I can scramble.
Bring out your buzz-saws, this blud's raw!
Throw your ass on the treadmill, you'd better run or your ass is done for!
Once more, I'ma show you fuckers what I've come for
When I electrify the air I wanna hear an electric encore!
Should again we meet and you don't believe I'm packing heat
I'll greet you with flames that erupt from underneath your feet.
I made it this far two times and you didn't see me cheat!
Act 1 to Act 2, in Act 3 you go to sleep!

-Verse 3: halc-
Prodigious hog from the top of my class
At the Scrap Brain Academy of Bots and Badniks
By age six, I built my first Masher
Not year later, invented the Shellcracker
At age nine, a mastermind mad doc
All the other mother fuckers getting left on the block
But then the time arrived to take arms
When I saw the way the chicks be getting treated on the Flicky farm
I had never left the Zone before
I didn't know what the bots was gettin' used for
I may be a troublemaker but I ain't evil
So I dropped out and declared war on Dean Ivo
And now I got a crew watching my back
Each with a bone to pick and a Zone to scrap so
If you're gonna fight back, better power up
'Cos we're coming at you with a full-force attack, mother fucker! (uh!)
Yeah we scrappin' these bitches

-Sir J-
Can’t take the heat? then fuck on outta my kitchen
sniffles in their nose and their tummies keep on itchin
Yeast-infected bakers never hesitate with snitchin
I least expect fakers to attain pureed consistency
Without incentive, see, they only seek a piece of margarine
But you can’t fake Al Dente quality
If you ain’t grinding for your Mill[ion] then all your brews will taste like watered down dreams

We in the place, making blood and oil spray
Nuts and bolts be stripped away, circuits bent, wires frayed
Fried motherboards from our trojans forced a Zone lockdown
There's no escape for you now

If you ain't strapped then stay back. Step up to the plate and get your plate snatched.
You lame cats just hate that. We are here to claim pay back.
And we take that with interest, so invest and get your name tag
As we call you out, your time is now. So come and get your Brain Scrapped!

-Sir J-
Said you’d gladly take a pop for me
Then why’s that glock firin’ off at me
Don’t tell me that you’ve got my back
If it’s just a knife within your grasp and it’s ready to attack me
Suckas pushing all the right buttons
Try to keep me down, Shuttin’
but look at the date: a Check-up
advised me to hibernate but now I’m back to wreck stuff, HEY!
You're lookin at the stuff known as legends
me and my breddas gon' get some
ankle-breakin the lesson, overflow misdirection
for their sake my game's gotta step up
out of fuel, in the last session
make it or shake it, it ain't no question
I'm far away from home but it's on my mind every second, yeah
(Cause Everyday straight pourin one out for my mechas)

(yeah, Everyday straight pourin’ one out for my mechas)
(yeah, Everyday straight pourin’ one out for my mechas)
(yeah, Everyday straight pourin’ one out for my mechas)
(yeah, Everyday straight pourin’ one out for my mechas)

Track Name: Emerald Reefa
Sir J: What up, holmes?
halc: Yo yo
DiGi: Yeah.
Sir J: Let's kick it!
DiGi: Yeah yeah.
halc: Uh!
DiGi: It's that real shit.
halc: We gonna kick it
DiGi: Pipe down and listen.
Sir J: Holla atcha boy.
DiGi: blaze that Emerald Reefa
halc: Uh!
DiGi: let me ventilate these bars.

-Verse 1: DiGi-
Her name is Vanilla, single parent to Cream
a bunny rabbit living far from hills that are Green.
Hard pathways travelled, you can see where she's been
and yet she still ain't run out of steam.
See, I knew Vanilla from when I was a kid.
I'd run from police, at Vanilla's I hid.
She never snitched, never turned me in to do a bid.
She wanted me to change, I guess I kinda did.
Fixed up my life, stopped running with the wrong crowd.
But how's Vanilla doing since I last gone round?
Turns out things are bleak.
Rent due this week, hardly any food to eat.
Up shit creek without a paddle or a boat.
No job's hiring, I dunno how she cope.
The baby's father ain't around and if I see that bloke
I'ma take a Star Post and shove it right down his throat.
Vanilla stays strong, always showing a grin
because she don't let Cream see the trouble they're in.
She waiting on a good change, but chances are slim
And my patience is thin.
So if you see me in the Zones and ask why I’m running
I gotta get these Rings, I can't just do nothing.
Vanilla on my mind as I hit this Emerald Reefa
I swear, I'ma change her life when I next meet her.

(when I next meet her)
(I swear, I'ma change her life when I next meet her)

-Verse 2: Sir J-
(It’s funny that you say that)
(Reminds me of somethin’ I saw, too. Check it)

I ran into my holmes Omega
begging on the side of the street
now ain’t that some shit right there (hey)
He says he’s outta work, can’t get insurance
for a disability
or even afford a damn repair (uh, Heyyy)
He says, bots like me should keep Running Zones before my
memory becomes obsolete (obsolete)
to sum up this industry he poured me a drink and said
“I’m hoping that this grind leads to a deeper meaning”
“Emerald Reefa, where the grass is greena’, waddup”

(Emerald Reefa, where the grass is greena’, uhh!)
(Yeah, that’s it)
(We good…)
(Look around, everybody staring at the clouds, and we be singing like…)

-Verse 3: halc-
(Yo, dawg, Val, passed me that Reefa)
(I’ve got a killer hangover and a story to tell)
Last night I had a few gimlets,
Thinkin' 'bout my boy Charmy Bee
Decided to place a call long distance
Ever since, the phone kept ringing
No one's home, and at the tone I got left alone
Shit, I'll leave a message
Yo, it's halc and it's been a while
But I was seein' if you could take a short break from the good life
Or maybe swing by once in a while son
I know it's far away, but still
It's just miles if you run
We'll chill out old-school style
Cook up a sick beat and go wild and have fun
Well, I guess I had it comin'
I did the same thing to another old friend
Goes to show what goes around comes back
And all I can do is keep running with my new pack

Take a lesson from the Bunny on the mic
Hedgehog in the spotlight
and The Robo thinkin on the sidelines
use today to pave your life
and deal with or escape the endless grind, uhh

(Yeah, let’s go next stage)
(Let’s go, next stage)
(Let’s go, next stage…)