Emerald Reefa

from by Zone Runners



Sir J: What up, holmes?
halc: Yo yo
DiGi: Yeah.
Sir J: Let's kick it!
DiGi: Yeah yeah.
halc: Uh!
DiGi: It's that real shit.
halc: We gonna kick it
DiGi: Pipe down and listen.
Sir J: Holla atcha boy.
DiGi: blaze that Emerald Reefa
halc: Uh!
DiGi: let me ventilate these bars.

-Verse 1: DiGi-
Her name is Vanilla, single parent to Cream
a bunny rabbit living far from hills that are Green.
Hard pathways travelled, you can see where she's been
and yet she still ain't run out of steam.
See, I knew Vanilla from when I was a kid.
I'd run from police, at Vanilla's I hid.
She never snitched, never turned me in to do a bid.
She wanted me to change, I guess I kinda did.
Fixed up my life, stopped running with the wrong crowd.
But how's Vanilla doing since I last gone round?
Turns out things are bleak.
Rent due this week, hardly any food to eat.
Up shit creek without a paddle or a boat.
No job's hiring, I dunno how she cope.
The baby's father ain't around and if I see that bloke
I'ma take a Star Post and shove it right down his throat.
Vanilla stays strong, always showing a grin
because she don't let Cream see the trouble they're in.
She waiting on a good change, but chances are slim
And my patience is thin.
So if you see me in the Zones and ask why I’m running
I gotta get these Rings, I can't just do nothing.
Vanilla on my mind as I hit this Emerald Reefa
I swear, I'ma change her life when I next meet her.

(when I next meet her)
(I swear, I'ma change her life when I next meet her)

-Verse 2: Sir J-
(It’s funny that you say that)
(Reminds me of somethin’ I saw, too. Check it)

I ran into my holmes Omega
begging on the side of the street
now ain’t that some shit right there (hey)
He says he’s outta work, can’t get insurance
for a disability
or even afford a damn repair (uh, Heyyy)
He says, bots like me should keep Running Zones before my
memory becomes obsolete (obsolete)
to sum up this industry he poured me a drink and said
“I’m hoping that this grind leads to a deeper meaning”
“Emerald Reefa, where the grass is greena’, waddup”

(Emerald Reefa, where the grass is greena’, uhh!)
(Yeah, that’s it)
(We good…)
(Look around, everybody staring at the clouds, and we be singing like…)

-Verse 3: halc-
(Yo, dawg, Val, passed me that Reefa)
(I’ve got a killer hangover and a story to tell)
Last night I had a few gimlets,
Thinkin' 'bout my boy Charmy Bee
Decided to place a call long distance
Ever since, the phone kept ringing
No one's home, and at the tone I got left alone
Shit, I'll leave a message
Yo, it's halc and it's been a while
But I was seein' if you could take a short break from the good life
Or maybe swing by once in a while son
I know it's far away, but still
It's just miles if you run
We'll chill out old-school style
Cook up a sick beat and go wild and have fun
Well, I guess I had it comin'
I did the same thing to another old friend
Goes to show what goes around comes back
And all I can do is keep running with my new pack

Take a lesson from the Bunny on the mic
Hedgehog in the spotlight
and The Robo thinkin on the sidelines
use today to pave your life
and deal with or escape the endless grind, uhh

(Yeah, let’s go next stage)
(Let’s go, next stage)
(Let’s go, next stage…)


from Triple Troublemakers, released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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