Still Chillin' 'til Infinity

from by Zone Runners



-Intro: DiGi-
Yo, this is Valentine the Rabbit from the mighty Zone Runners crew.
I'm chillin' with the hedgehog halc and the crazy robo Sir J.
We hailing from planet Mobius and you all know it can get hectic when
running those Zones.
So right now we're just gonna break it down for you on how we're

-Verse 1: halc-
It's a lazy day for a doc
I'ma just kick it in the lab with my feet up
Crack the top off a Green Hill bock
Knock back a six pack by noon o'clock
Called up the Bunny Man in the Star Light
Said "What up Val, wanna kick it for a little while?"
I ain't running no Zones today
Just chillin', chillin' out in my own way
I heard Rule 34 leaked a pic
Of the bat-girl Rouge, and dawg, I'm like "click"
No smashing TV's, I'm watching that shit
A bit of One Piece and a binge on Netflix
You could say my day's been a waste
But hell, I still dropped sixteen and a bass
In the ZR fam, this is how we be
2015 and we still chillin' till infinity

-Verse 2: DiGi-
It's a real nice day, gonna check my Option.
I'ma roll around town with the bassline poppin'
Pass Radical City 'cause I ain't stopping
Resort Island, now I’m island hopping.
Forget Blue Spheres, I'ma grab some beers
head to the lab, break 'em open and then cheers!
Gonna lounge with my ZR brethren
before we back on bullshit and out running Zones again.
Feel it in my soul,
Sometimes I wanna use Chaos Control
so I can stop time and go for a stroll
Move slow, hit the slope and then just roll.
And all the Rings that I’ve collected
Are sitting real nicely in my bank protected.
The character I selected I am content with,
that's why you see me bouncin' when the vibe is splendid.

-Verse 3: Sir J-
So I had a Heavy day, man it wasn’t the Bomb
I tried to make it okay, but everything is going wrong
My Silver-tongued boss ticking me off
All up in my face, in my Base, when I’m just tryna get a Launch
Go away and just flip it
Like my uncle Egg-Robo, I haven’t seen him in a minute
He must be occupied by Metropolis business
Grinding all night to fulfil impossible wishes
But as for me I love being at ease
So mecha, please, no interrupting
When I’m Skyping with Bunnie Rabbot and a WD-40 slushy
In my hand, I’ve got the touch so sweet
Star-gazing at the night circuitry
Napping while my guitar gently weeps
But No, woman, no cry
My crazy side won’t die, just getting shut eye
Til’ it’s time to Run another dope beat just like this

-Outro: DiGi-
Yes, man!
Yo, we better quit lounging around and get back to work now, my breddaz.
Wanna send a big shout out to all the ones you ain't seen for a while.
Everybody wondering where they are but just know they're still out there,
doing their thing.
Holla at 'em when you see 'em.

Mighty the Armadillo still be running Zones
Ray the Flying Squirrel still be running Zones,
Nack the Weasel, yeah, he still be running Zones
Honey the Cat, yeah, she still be running Zones.
Sally Acorn still be running Zones.
Tekno the Canary still be running Zones
Bean the Dynamite still be running Zones
Bark the Polar Bear still be running Zones

And that's how we doing it.
2015 'til infinity, uh.
ZR, baby.


from Triple Troublemakers, released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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