Countdown to Liftoff

from by Zone Runners



DiGi: "Yo, we totaled that Flying Battery, man!"
halc: "Man, that thing was a piece of shit anyway."
DiGi: "Yo, jump the fence!"
"It shouldn't be that easy to break in here!"
halc: "I think we may have spoke too early!"
DiGi: "Yo yo, come this way. Over this way, man!"

- VERSE 1 -
Break in, draw weapons and arms.
Get ready to bust Badniks at the flick of alarms
Bring it! Go ahead, dive-bomb us
Try stop us. You look funny, my what laughs.
We spindash on the spot
Like a burnout making concrete get hot
Keep it coming, yeah, swoop in with them dives
For every bunch of you we get another ten lives!
Eggmans security's flawed.
An IQ of 300 I usually applaud
But I'm really questioning where his brain is stored
Because it ain't in his head, that's for sure.
So, we make haste, no time to waste
You're too slow and we all up in your base.
Brace for impact, time to drop lyricals
You and your militia can kiss these hot syllables.

Countdown to liftoff
Countdown to liftoff
Countdown to liftoff
4, 3, 2, 1
Countdown to liftoff
Countdown to liftoff
Countdown to liftoff
4, 3, 2, 1
Go - Go
Go - Go
Go - Go
Go - Go
Go - Go
Go - Go
Don't stand there, don't stop, just GO!
Go go go
Go go go
Go go go
Go go go
Go go go
Go go go
For real, don't stand still, just GO!

- VERSE 2 -
Yeah, we're rowdy and here to cause a ruckus
Never a dull moment with us Zone Runners
Took your Battery like some broad day muggers
Now we've gate-crashed your HQ, man, you must love us.
You're having a bad day, good sir.
And this one isn't courtesy of the Blue Blur
True words, he is your 99th problem
We make up the first 98, try stop 'em.
Your laser guns shoot in one direction
So if I step to the side I ain't even stressing
And your flame-throwers don't miss a beat
But we got flame-shields, now tell me who's packing heat
You make a base full of trap
but provide your enemies with the tools to adapt.
It's the end of the act and this fools getting whacked
Bad egg be getting cracked all over this track,


DiGi: "Hahahaaa! Yo, look at him go!"
halc: "Run away, bitch! Run away!!"
DiGi: "He's running quicker than Sonic!"
"Yo look, he's sending some robot over here."
halc: "Oh shit."
DiGi: "Look at that purple robot... yo, what's he gonna do, man?"
halc: "Woah, watch out, man!"
DiGi: "Woah! WOAH!"
"Oh shit!"


from Zone Runners, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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