No Way, Sir J!

from by Zone Runners



DiGi: "Yo, halc! Why are we coming back to the Lab for, man?"
halc: "Hey, just give me a few minutes. I gotta upgrade Sir J."
DiGi: "Sir J ...? ...who's Sir J?"
halc: "Who's Sir J!? The Crazy Robo. Who do you think I'm talking about?"
DiGi: "The Robo!?! You're calling him Sir J now?"
halc: "Yeah, man. It totally suits him!"
DiGi: ".... how so?"
halc: "Wel-well... I didn't program this in to him when I built him but I mean look at him. He's been wearing a black tie ...he's walking around with a cane. He totally looks like a Sir. I mean, you can't tell me you don't see it."
DiGi: ".. heh hehaha! Aight, aight. I think I can see it. 'Sir J' it is. But, yo, why are you upgrading him? What's wrong with him?"
halc: "Nothing's wrong with him. I was just thinking, how cool would it be if we installed a voice box? We could get this Robo to sing for us."
DiGi: "Haha! Yo, that would be a sick idea! Yeah, do it, do it. But, yo, while you're doing all that I'm gonna go and chill at Botanic Base for a while, is that aight?"
halc: "That's fine with me, er.. we still got some more Zones to run. Where we going after that?"
DiGi: "Well, after that I'm going to be heading back to my apartment in the Star Light Zone, so if you want come meet me there ...but ...I'm hearing they're going to have a party, a biiig house party down in Chemical Plant Zone ..i'm thinking gate-crash that shit!"
halc: "yeah. Yeah YEAH! Yeah, that sounds fun! Hey, you know what? I think Little Planet is supposed be showing tonight too, we can take a cruise around there after we leave the party."
DiGi: "Yes, definitely. Ok, we'll do that. We can even take my car if you want."
halc: "Yeah, you gonna let me drive?"
DiGi: "...yeah, ok, alright, you can drive my damn car again, why not."
halc: "Alright, I'm down! ...ok, look. I'm gonna give Sir J a quick try here, er, let me try this, hold on!"
DiGi: "What, a test run? Aight, test run him, test run him."
halc: "Alright... Sir J ...say something..."
Sir J: "TODAAAAY. AH-HEEEEEE!!!! Huhuhuhu!"
halc: "Fuck! Ok. I guess he still needs a little bit of work."


from Zone Runners, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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