No Collisions! No Chaos!

from by Zone Runners



DiGi: “Yo, Dr. halc. Ugh, I need you to drive my car.”
halc: “Yo man, I don't know if I should be driving, I'm still kinda drunk.”
DiGi: “Drive it!”
halc: “Ok .. ok, hold on.”
DiGi: “Here's the keys.”
halc: “That's better.”
DiGi: “Hmm. Right. Don't scratch it. Don't you dare scratch the car, I mean, i'm gon' fuck you up!”
halc: “I promise I won't wreck the car, man. Ok?”
DiGi: “Ok.”
halc: “You should still probably put your seat belt on.”
DiGi: “Fuck you, good sir! Don't scratch the paint job ...and pass the microphone, I need to sober up.”

- VERSE 1 -
We got a bunch of Zones to swing passed
Bounce the car up and down at Spring Yard. (Boing!)
Avoid lava the further we drive in to Marble
Labyrinth, let me wait for an air bubble
And continue. We're on our way
From Starlight of the night sky to the bay
Stay the hell away from Scrap Brain
I do not wanna wreck the car, I am not insane. (Okaaay!)
Got my golden rings, Casino Night yeah
Slot machines done cleared my wallet out here. (Ah shit!)
Move on, where next? Oil Ocean
From the Hill Top, yo that's how we rolling.
Emerald Hill to Sandopolis
There's sand in the tank, oh what is this?
Pit stop, fill her up, but the bill's on you (What?!)
There's a ton of other Zones we got to roll through.

Select your transmission.
Turn the key on that ignition.
Yeah! We're going long distance
Rolling through the Zones we live in.
I just washed the car, it's looking good.
See the sunshine gleam on the hood (yah)
Hey! Rolling start!
Just try to go easy on the car


(Nod your head now)

Uh, uh, uh, yo!
Uh, uh, uh, hey!
Uh, uh, uh, yo!
Uh, uh, uh, yeah!
Uh, uh, uh, yo!
Uh, uh, uh, hey!
Uh, uh, uh, yo!

halc, make it funky right now, uh!

Here, lemme bridge these vox
While I drive this whip, I dropped beats in the speaker-box.
Control switched off, chaos to cruise
No collisions, just let the groove play through.
And I'm realizing.. it's a good thing I put a Sat-Nav
On the Robo 'cuz we left him in the last act!
Oh well, he'll find his way back
And we'll meet again for a jam on the last track.

- VERSE 2 -
Aight! Stop what ya doing, we're at Aquatic Ruin
Keep it moving, Mystic Cave. We straight up cruising
Metropolis, three acts? Death traps? Not that
Chemical Plant, Return of the Mack
Angel Island's floating high
Hydrocity Zone is the real water ride
Go to Carnival Night to attain stardom
But first we gotta burst through Marble Garden
Doing drifts on the Ice Cap
Out run Launch Base security just like that.
Turn on the air con. Lava Reef.
Mushroom Hill, let's grab something to eat.
Sky Sanctuary, careful we don't slip.
Man, this was one hell of a road trip
And yo, just before we turn and head home
Let's quickly ram raid the Death Egg zone.



Uh, yo, go easy on the car, man
Yeah, alright, yo, yeah, go easy on the car
Ay, alright, yo! what a day man, yeah!
Yo, okay, alright!
halc, take us home, man

DiGi: “Oh, WHAT?”
halc: “Hmm?”
DiGi: “Is that Flicky shit on my car? A Flicky SHAT on my car, man!”
halc: “That is NOT my fault!"


from Zone Runners, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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