Fire All Weapons!

from by Zone Runners



DiGi: "Alright, let's get 'em.
Yo halc!"
halc: "What up, Val?"
DiGi: "I don't think they heard me yet."
halc: "You don't think so?"
DiGi: "Nah, man. I don't think they heard me yet.
Yo, sound the alarm.
No prisoners."
halc: "Val, get 'em!"

- VERSE 1 -
Arm the Battery! We're flying this ting
Like Dr. Eggman went kamikaze to win.
Oh shit, don't blink, check the night sky
See me and halc on the blimp as we fly by.
Cruising for real. Altitude.
Take on the Battery, man? Ya bound to lose
And if we take it down to whose got the sound to boost
Your biggest loudest booms now even sound like little soundless tunes.
Get stung like a spike trap.
We're cruising through your Zone, yeah, you don't like that.
Grab a flame shield or something, either that or start running
Dropping bombs when we're gunning over Ice Cap.
Hah! Don't fight back, this is an air raid
Blare sirens, we riding over digital air waves.
From Mystic Caves to outer space
to any damn place, you ain't nowhere near braced.

Get a load of this
Behold my master piece
Step all over this
That's when your time will cease
Sleeping satellites
They're awake now, every zone in range prepare for the takedown.
The finest hour on the doomsday clock
Worldwide catastrophe, one you can not stop
One you can not block, dodge or hope to beat
It's the Zone Runners, now announce your defeat


- VERSE 2 -
Act 2! We're back with the attitude
Leave you black and blue, people wondering what happened to you.
They ain't backing you, they're not supporting.
Attack you? A cake walk that I bop while I'm walking.
Target in range, target engage!
We yelling "wooh!" like MJ in his heyday.
You screaming s.o.s, may day!
It's pay back, I've worked over time for pay day
You got something to say? Tell us!
Then I can put you upside one of these propellers.
Have your whole existence shredded like letters
Before it's thrown to a cyclone just for fine measures.
So if you're gonna scream, louder please
'cause it's the ride of the mother fucking Valkyries
I'm dousing MC's with inferno ammo
Fire all weapons, unload the salvo!




- VERSE 3 -
Bad like a Badnik!
I slam your airships together like a metallic sandwich.
Whiplash your spindash like a tail on Skorp
Of course, I chomp like a Chopper or Jawz.
Don't make noise, man, you best not speak
When you're running by looking like a Technosqueek.
You're in trouble hot. And I'm the Tunnelbot.
Try to run amok among my fleet I will leave you BuzzerBombed
Bars are like spiky orbs of death. Orbinaut.
I Catterkiller any forms of defence you got.
A Roller throwing blades like a Slicer
Breathing fire like a Rexon gone hyper.
The decider will leave you as Crabmeat.
Run from the Sol 'cause you couldn't stand the damn heat.
Face us without a plan b? Damn, man we
Zone Runners, Valentine and halc, bwoi!


DiGi: "Yeah!
Bow down and kiss the ring. All 100 hundred of them, man!
Ha ha ha!
What now, man? Where do we go now?"
halc: "I think this Battery's about dead, man!
What do you say we crash this thing right in to the Spring Yard?
Ya don't believe us? Watch us!

Crash this thing into the springs!
Right into the Spring Yard just because
We don't give a fuck! Your Battery sucks. (Ha ha ha!)
Our shots are fired, we're nose divin',
You're out of lives, so bye, bye!


from Zone Runners, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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