Chemical House Party

from by Zone Runners



I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink (ay, aaay girl!)
I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink (ay girl, why don’t you hop on these nuts)
I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink (I’ll take you for a Sonic free ride, you nom’ saying?)
(aay girl, get back over here)
I think I'm gonna need just one mo' HOOH!

Oh! Oh my days!!!
Yeah! Yeahyeahyeahyeaaaah!
Yo, bob ya heads to this one, come on yo!

- VERSE 1 -
Good evening, it's been a good day!
Now we party and jump into the fray
The night is young, so come what may
I say fuck it and grab a bottle of Chardonnay.
I really love to jump to P-Funk
and I see stars when I go and be drunk.
No debunking of rumours it's true 'cause
Everyone in here can vouch for my lyrical bloopers.
Internet, consider this a LOL
when I try to walk down stairs and instead I roll.
Now I'm a laughing stock
but when I leave in the morning I'm stealing all of their Reebok!
(GOTCHAAAAaa) Then somebody once said
That a long time ago in the land of the dead
That zombies and mutants were high off their head
Shuffling and jumping all over the bed
If so then we're following their steps
So tie up your laces, fix up your creps
Jump like you can't give two pence
Oh, suspense when that nice chandelier descends

It's just a chemical house party,
no need to worry.
Drink a lil Bacardi
and jump everybody!
Turn the sound up,
let them know where we are.
And have the police on the door
in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

- VERSE 2 -
Excuse me, Mr. Officer.
I really do hate to be stopping ya
But I can not allow you in to these premises
Take these Emerald necklaces and we speak nay more of this.
Back to the party I've hardly jumped yet
Bounce up and down like a hydraulic jump jet
Having fun yet? Yeah, don't you forget
From sun up to sun down to the following sun set!
Smoke, choke, freestyle the drink
Loudest bass on the street and don't care what they think.
Don't close your eyes, so much as blink
Get so smashed you'll wake up crashed on top of the sink.
Bake up the cake then quick pass it to moi
Pass the keys to the car and let's tear up the park.
After dark parties are light off the mark
but are quick to turn into a chemical spark!
Then someone proclaimed
In the future where there are cars as planes
Robot slaves serving our domains
would go crazy and start scrambling our brains.
If so, then we're in for a fight
So grab your shotguns, raise up your pikes.
Tonight we dine on pizza and wines
Rah, I'm so gone, what the hell are these rhymes?

It's just a chemical house rave,
no need to be brave.
Drink a beer case
and then tear up this here place.
Turn the sound high,
let them know how we ride.
And have the town on the door
in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Yo, i think I'm going under.
Oh shit, man. I'm going under.
Woah. Woaah.

It's-a-me, a-halc
Drinkin' Jack, rollin' some of that Pink-water mack.
Yo, I'm taking over this zone, late to arrive
But you're already blown? Well I'm just gonna light this.
Sinking in, I'm buzzed like a bomber.
Gin bubbles keep you submerged even longer!
Hear that ding? Well it's time for one more
So drink, Bunny Man, get up off the floor!
Can you feel that Pink-water dro?
Yeah, I'm flying higher than two tails can go.
Smoke rings blown: fifty to start.
A Special Zone buzz blown you apart!
Now here we are
Should be about that time by now
Valentine, pick up your rhymes
And wake the fuck up, you've been sleeping too long man
Here's the damn hook, finish up the song!

- VERSE 3 -
(heeeeeyyyyy yeeaaahh)
Bunny man bounce, yes I am back
It is high time I had finished this rap
Jump on the track, let me see where we left it
Neglected the beat now I am reconnected
Don't sweat it, forget it, let us press on
Get your dress on, girl. And your creps on.
Don't start asking, we're going out marching
Starting something while laughing and dancing!

Yeah! I guess you could call this Chip-Hop
I ain't got a chip on my shoulder.
I am not some chip off the old block.
But when the chips are down we go out on the town to the Chip Shop
to buy me some Fish & Chips, man!
Zone Runners, baby!
Ha ha ha haaaa!

(ohhh ohhoooh ooohhh)
(ha ha Haaaa)
(I see them blooooom for me and yoouuuuu!!)

I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink
I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink
I think I'm gonna need just one mo' drink
I think I'm gonna need just twelve mo' drinks.


from Zone Runners, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Zone Runners Burlington, North Carolina

VGM-inspired hip hop trio comprised of halc, DiGi Valentine & Sir Jordanius.

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